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UNO DESIGN LAB’s lead graphic designer Radhika Nathwani’s main focus is to search for big ideas to communicate the brand soul in a refreshing and memorable way. Our team has a global reach of skilled professionals who strive to create design solutions that are not just innovative but practical to execute within the given resources and timelines.

Radhika has a strong background in web and print media, specializing in publication design, branding as well as new media design with over 15 years of experience working for various international organisations, multinational companies and small businesses across three continents.

In a world as competitive as today’s with an overflow of resources and products, it’s more necessary than ever to attach brand salience to your brand. This is our motto at Uno Design Lab.

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Radhika Nathwani was born in 1976 in Mumbai, India. After her studies of Applied Arts at the Sophia Polytechnic College, she went to the United States to complete her education with a degree in Graphic Design at the Columbia College, Chicago. Her international exposure became evident in her work as an artist a few years later. Although the styles of expression in Radhika’s work could be attributed to Western influences, the artist’s strong roots in India are unmistakable and shine through.

Through her integration in the advertising industry, she could fathom the frontiers of artistic practices and ideas. It was in this time that Radhika’s art took its origin in graphic design. It is not surprising that Mumbai was not to be her final destination. In 2006, love and then marriage led her to Vienna. New ideas were born and her passion for painting finally emerged.
Her art form, which, much like her personality, speaks a cosmopolitan and international language. A special dynamic arose out of Radhika Nathwani’s fascination for the traditional medium of painting. The artist has thus consciously decided on the use of oil on canvas.

Radhika Nathwani art is neither a product of the design world nor of the advertising industry. Produced on two continents and communicating between two cultures, Radhika Nathwani’s art is a messenger of a new form of expression and a child of a global spirit emerging between European, American and Indian styles.


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